Buyers spot a £ 10 Primark accessory, double a £ 2,100 designer bag


Now that the second lockdown is over, we’re all enjoying shopping in stores before Christmas.

And, with Primark’s new 24/7 hours of operation, the retailer has become a popular choice for discount fashion.

Plus, if you’re savvy, you can often find items similar to designer must-haves, but for a tiny fraction of the cost.

And, Primark’s latest dupe has some crazy shoppers putting their mittens on the stylish accessory.

The £ 10 soft handbag comes in stylish beige and black.

Cheap as chips!

What’s your best deal ever? Tell us in the comments…

The £ 10 bag is ‘almost identical’ to the designer’s £ 2,000 bag

But, the cheap handbag may be a better deal than you ever could have realized, as it is extremely similar to the Bottega Veneta shoulder bag.

The designer version sells for 210 times the price, or £ 2,100 per bag.

The Bottega handbag is made of nappa calfskin and has a single compartment.

It’s available in 13 colors versus two for Primark, but with a savings of £ 2,090 we think we can overcome that.

Bottega bag is worth £ 2,100

Stylish shoppers were dying to get their hands on the inexpensive handbag.

One person said, “Can I have both? “

“I love this bag,” added another. “Too many temptations.”

A third commented: “Omg you don’t even realize how much I need black!”

“These bags are lovely,” exclaimed a fourth.

Not everyone liked this style, as one woman put it: “Remember they were trendy when I was 14.”

Looks like Primark is about to make some money now that we’re free to shop.

Remember, you must maintain in-store social distancing procedures and wear a mask unless you are exempt.

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