6 Stores That Make It Possible to Shop for Designer Clothes on a Budget

By utilizing flexible, budget-friendly payments, you may shop responsibly from home for luxury apparel, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Do you want to purchase luxury goods for yourself or as a present but are worried about the cost? Sticker shock indeed exists, but it may be avoided with intelligent preparation. In this article, we’ll look at a few strategies to save money on luxury clothing and accessories, as well as how Splitit may help stretch payments out over time.

Shopping Suggestions

The stores were picked because they provide high-quality goods at reasonable pricing. They also offer flexible payment choices, allowing you to budget for significant purchases without worrying about making substantial upfront payments. Want a shopping budget? Direct Lenders Oak Park offers different loan options.

You’ll be able to accomplish one or more of the following things when you shop at the businesses mentioned in this article:

  • Buy direct – Designer apparel businesses that operate directly to consumers are a great place to get bargains. They don’t have to mark up the price to appease third-party merchants; thus, you save money.
  • Subscribe to newsletters — When you join a store’s community, you may frequently obtain discounts and bargains that aren’t available to the broader public. You’ll also be the first to hear about special offers and deals.
  • Choose upcycled designs, which are gently used, like-new, or never used designer apparel, shoes, and accessories that are less expensive yet of the same quality.
  • Choose a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option at checkout, such as Splitit, to make smaller monthly payments on your fashion haul. You’ll be able to wear what you want right now while paying more affordable monthly payments.

6 of the Best BNPL Designer Stores

Are you in a rush and want to go to the shop as soon as possible? Here’s a quick rundown of each one:

Don’t forget to choose Splitit at checkout if you find anything you like. It’s the intelligent method to stay within your fashion budget and spread out your payments.

Collective Vestiaire

Vestiaire Collective was established that no premium fashion item should be overlooked. Since 2009, the firm, based in France, has been rescuing designer clothes from dark closets and bringing them into the sunshine for a second life.

The online marketplace, with over 7 million users from over 50 countries, gets 25,000 new items every week. Each item is thoroughly examined for quality and authenticity.

The boutique has carefully chosen designer apparel, purses, watches, jewelry, and vintage discoveries for men and women. You may not only embrace your inner supermodel, but you can also discover goods that can improve your life at home or while traveling.

Boa & Rat

Rat & Boa apparel is made for women who want to look well and for women who want to feel good.

Choose an eco-friendly brand and feel good about it. Feel comfortable about investing in high-quality, long-lasting clothing. Feel good about wearing a dress that perfectly combines style and ethics.

Women may pick from various vibrant designs and luxury patterns at Rat & Boa, a business founded by friends, to feel comfortable, feminine, and confident. They provide beautiful dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, bottoms, and scarves, all in flattering designs for ladies of all sizes and shapes.

The Promise of Luxury

You may shop on the internet. You can do your shopping on your phone. Luxury Promise is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can purchase with confidence knowing that you’re buying genuine, designer pre-owned items. The premise is that you have the choice of buying, selling, or swapping luxury stuff.

This worldwide secondhand marketplace of fashion, based in Knightsbridge, London, is all about accessibility. Designer handbags, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and even housewares are available for international shipment.

You may shop for items from 75+ designers with the assurance that you’re obtaining a genuine piece that’s been well-cared for and restored to its former glory.


Bagista was made for you if you’re crazy about luxury handbags. It’s a carefully curated assortment of new and gently used bags for every style under the sun (or moon, if you’re a night owl).

Are you looking for a unique clutch? Why not go for a trendy backpack? Whatever you’re searching for, there’s a wide range of designs from well-known designers in a variety of colors and pricing ranges to pick from.

It’s a store worth checking out if you’re looking for a bargain luxury purse with vintage aesthetics and unusual vibes.


L’Envers is a newcomer to the fashion world, having launched in 2015, yet its designs are ageless. The Spain-based label provides a wide range of designer knit clothing from cardigans to dresses and everything in between.

All items are knitted with sustainability in mind regarding materials used, eliminating fashion waste, and lowering pollution. In addition, the business is dedicated to hiring and supporting fashion artisans.

Knitwear in various colors and materials is available at a reasonable price. Their direct-to-consumer business approach lets you purchase high-quality products at the lowest possible costs.

Marks of Excellence

These aren’t your typical men’s shoes, yet they are designed to be worn regularly. These are unique Italian leather shoes that have been handcrafted. They’re like snowflakes in that no two pairings are similar.

Ace Marks shoes are conversation makers whether you’re in the office, entertaining clients after work, or going out on a date. Maybe it’s because the leather is 100 percent full-grain calfskin. Perhaps it’s because of the straight, no-middleman price. It might be the shoe’s hand-dyed and burnished designs, colors, and tones.

Whatever it is, have a look at this selection of shoes that are appropriate for business, pleasure, and relaxation. Don’t forget about the extras.

How Splitit Makes It Easier to Shop Smarter

You unleash your credit card’s secret abilities when you pick Splitit at checkout at any of the shops listed in this article. Splitit is an installment payment option that allows you to pay on your credit card over time without incurring any extra fees or interest*.

You may simply take advantage of installment payments without establishing another line of credit since Splitit rewards you for your excellent credit. Plus, you’ll keep earning rewards points, cash back, and other advantages with your preferred credit card.

Any current Mastercard or Visa credit card with sufficient available credit for the complete purchase may be used. There’s no need to fill out an application or run a credit check! You’ll set your monthly payment information, so you’ll always know how much you owe.

This is how it would go:

  • At one of our BNPL partner shops, you choose a $500 luxury bag.
  • Your Mastercard or Visa has an available credit limit of $800.
  • At checkout, you pick Splitit and your monthly payment arrangements.
  • Splitit does not charge the whole sum, but it does put away $500 for the total purchase price.
  • Your card will be debited the initial payment and then every month until the $500 is paid in full.

Remember that you will not be charged $500 upfront, but your card will be pre-authorized for that amount. As a result, your $800 in available credit will be reduced to $300. The available credit will begin to build again when you pay your monthly account.

This is an excellent tool for keeping track of your shopping budget and avoiding overpaying. Additionally, it may assist you in budgeting for major expenditures throughout the year while still earning points and cashback!

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